Walk for Green Sustainability Initiative: Giving New Life to Old Shoes

Walk for Green Sustainability Initiative: Giving New Life to Old Shoes

Join our mission to combat fashion industry pollution and create a sustainable future. Give your old shoes a new life and make a positive environmental impact today with 7or9. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and how you can participate.

Can an Old Pair of Shoes Only End Up in the Trash?

At 7or9, sustainability has been a focal point since our brand's inception. As we grow, we constantly seek ways to maximize resource use and minimize waste.

Transforming the materials of old shoes into sustainable, reusable resources is a significant challenge for any brand. It involves finding expert partners in environmental chemistry and managing the complex material collection, sorting, cleaning, and repeated processing processes. These tasks require substantial human and financial investment.

Walk for Green

 After extensive research and exploration, we have forged a unique partnership with experienced and innovative suppliers in the field of sustainable footwear materials. This collaboration has led to the creation of our distinctive 'Walk for Green' initiative. Through this program, we don't just recycle old shoes. We give them a new life. We extract rubber and leather from these shoes, which are then professionally processed and used in future eco-friendly products and projects. This is our way of making a significant impact on the environment.


Millions of Shoes, Millions of Footprints

Every year, millions of old shoes meet a grim fate ---- either incinerated or buried. This leads to severe air and land pollution from the toxic substances released. The fashion industry, including the shoe sector, is the second-largest polluter in the world after the oil industry. As the industry grows, so does its environmental impact, consuming healthy soil, contaminating freshwater, polluting air and oceans, and damaging forests and ecosystems. By participating in the 'Walk for Green' initiative, you can help us combat this alarming trend.

Saving the Environment Our Way

As a footwear brand, we have a social responsibility to reduce shoe waste, dismantle old shoes, and convert them into renewable materials, giving them new life and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Every pair of shoes carries the story of a journey. Through the "Walk for Green" initiative, we collect your old shoes and the footprints they've marked. These shoes will be processed and given new life.

 Reclaimed materials, such as leather and rubber, might become a coaster, a bag, or a new pair of shoes. The shoes you send back will soon become something new and valuable.


Environmental protection is a gradual process that requires the participation and action of many, not just individuals or brands. We will continue to explore sustainable practices, starting with design, and strive to create comfortable shoes using renewable materials.

The 7or9 "Walk for Green" initiative is a long-term environmental project. We welcome your enthusiastic participation. Please note that participants are responsible for the shipping costs of sending in old shoes.

Join us in this vital mission. You are not just reducing waste by giving your old shoes a new life. You are making a positive impact on the environment. Your contribution matters. Together, we can create a more sustainable future.