About Us

Name Your Style, and Mark Your Road.

7or9 was founded in 2018 by two girl friends with a mission to create ultimately comfortable and stylish heels to modern women .

Air-touch Foam

A blend of functionality, technology and fashion.

7or9 thoughtfully used Air-touch Foam in each shoe. The design inspiration was from sneakers, which makes a great difference.

All-round coverage for all foot shapes, reducing toe and heel rubs.

Sofas One-strap Sandals

On the sofa, resting your feet.

2021 Pre-spring, 7or9 creatively fill air-touch foam into shoe insoles, stretching, resilient and plump, it feels like stepping barefoot into a soft sofa.

Self Heated Series

Boots lining was built by Warmtech technology.

Far-infrared tested and certified by authorities to meet the 'self-heating' standard.

The application of this technology also makes our boots more environmentally friendly and lighter than traditional boots lining, which is suitable for a wider variety of seasons and temperatures.

Accessories for DIY

We designed several series of detachable accessories including buckles , laces , back clips and ankle chains which can be applied to toe,back ankle and other positions.

These accessories can meet various dressing demand and position, which also offer a pair of basic shoes the opportunity to play with it as you wish.