Transform Boot Boxes into Cozy Cat Homes with 7or9

Transform Boot Boxes into Cozy Cat Homes with 7or9

Learn how to transform a boot box into a cat home with our simple steps. Join 7or9 in reducing waste and offering comfort to stray cats. Together, we can make a difference, one boot box at a time.

Cats love to curl up in boxes. They seek out small spaces where they feel safe and secure. A box is their adventure playground, a secret tunnel where they play joyfully. The snug space of a shoebox also provides them with warmth.

At 7or9, we've added some designs to our boot boxes to transform them into reusable cat homes. Now, our boot boxes not only house our cozy Warmtech Boots but also provide a warm, secure space for your cat.


In the hidden corners of streets, under the warm undersides of cars, and beside garbage bins, you can often spot stray cats. Do they have a warm place to go in the cold? 7or9 places these boot boxes, converted into cat homes, in alleys and places frequented by stray cats, providing them with a safe shelter.

Repurposing boot boxes not only achieves waste reduction but also offers a cozy refuge and play space for cats.

Here's how you can convert a boot box into a cat home:

Let’s bring cat food and our converted cat homes to the city's corners to offer some comfort to these stray cats. At 7or9, we believe that a bit of creativity and small actions can make life more interesting and warmer. We are committed to exploring ways to provide comfort to our users while making a positive impact on society. Every little contribution and effort to make the world a better place is worth doing. We believe you can join us in this endeavor too.



Stray cats often hide under cars for warmth. Before driving, please check your vehicle or honk the horn to ensure the safety of these cats.