Fridays & Friends: 7or9's Sisterhood Starts From the Sole Up

Fridays & Friends: 7or9's Sisterhood Starts From the Sole Up

7or9 designs shoes for women to nurture unique feet, fostering a sisterhood of support and comfort. Join #7or9 for uplifting vibes and virtual events.

Farewell fashion blisters, goodbye pinchy heels! 7or9 knows women have evolved past superficial status symbols. Trends come and go, but true confidence endures. It springs from comfort in our own stride and sisterhood with others.

That's why 7or9 designs shoes to nurture YOUR unique feet. Foam and cotton cradle in bliss, while styles stay versatile for real life. Our shoes remind us to walk ahead together, not compete. Linking arm in arm, women unite from the sole up. No more exhausting shoe races - we set the pace.

With supportive steps, voices raised, and compassion extended, we'll change the world.

Pitted Against Each Other for Too Long

For generations, society has long been whispering that for women, it's compete or be left behind. Collaboration is seen as a weakness, not wisdom.

We're measured against other women at every stage, judged on our looks, careers, and families. Taught that in order to shine, we must dim someone else's light.

Social media amplifies this through filtered projections of "perfect" lives. The pressures to meet unrealistic standards leave most women feeling isolated and insecure.

7or9 refuses to pit women against each other this way. Our vision? To create a sisterhood of women from all backgrounds who uplift and champion one another.

Fridays & Friends was born from this mission to foster an inclusive community for women. One focused on mutual growth and understanding, not competition.

Every Friday, 7or9 engages this community through virtual events, prizes, and inspirational content. This supportive community starts from the ground up, with shoes meticulously designed to uplift women's strides. When our feet feel confident and comfortable, we're empowered to come together and walk boldly ahead as sisters.

In this judgment-free zone for the feet, there is no competition. Only thoughtful design tailored for your one-of-a-kind foot shape.silver mary jane

Walk Comfortably in Shoes Tailored Just for You

Cloud-like Toe Box

Wrap your toes in fluffy cotton candy clouds! This marshmallowy toe box cradles like a pillow fort, perfect for relaxing with #7or9 during self-care spa nights. Let the softness wash away your stress from a grueling work week while bonding over pedicure tips. The antimicrobial cotton keeps toes breezy for impromptu weekend getaways too, preventing blisters during long days of exploring new cities with your soul sisters.

Silky Lining

Lounge in luxe lambskin-lined luxury - this supple interior smoothes like silk pajamas on movie night with your BFFs. The pampering embrace empowers your stride for Sunday brunch, even after heels pinch all night at wedding receptions. The gentle lining creates a comforting haven for tired toes, helping you rally for girlfriend catch-ups or parent-teacher conferences after hours on your feet.

Supportive Latex Pillows

These mold like a gentle hug from your Circle of Trust when life gets tough. The squishy latex lifts low spirits after challenging days, cheering you on like the #7or9 squad does daily. They're your rallying comfort zone for hands-on volunteer events, or 5K fundraiser walks, providing a boost when your energy starts flagging.

Flexible Rubber Soles

Boogie barefoot on these bendy soles! The flexibility allows your carefree dance style to shimmy and shine while cutting loose with your crew. Kick-off shoes to sway and stomp during outdoor music festivals all day, fatigue-free. The rubber soles move with you for ecstatic, joyful jam sessions or gentle prenatal yoga flows.

Resilient Foam

Bouncy as your energy with besties, this foam keeps your step peppy for skipping gleefully together. No matter the ups and downs, Fridays&Friends #7or9 always rebounds stronger as one. The bond lifts you up, resilient as foam, empowering you to walk for causes or march in solidarity.

Join our sisterhood to connect with women who know comfortable shoes and empower us to step into our best lives. When our feet feel nurtured, we stand a little taller, walk a little bolder, and uplift other women as we pass by.

Walk Ahead in Total Comfort

No more sacrificing feet to fashion! 7or9's shoes will save your soles from harm. Our heels, boots, loafers, and flats embrace your feet in heavenly comfort that makes every step a breeze.


Slip into our heels, and suddenly, you're gliding on a fluffy cloud, not teetering on thin spikes. The small latex pillows bounce with your steps, while antibacterial air-touch foam hugs toes in feather-soft bliss. You'll be ready to dance the night away, no limping allowed!


Zipping up our knee-high boots feels like snuggling your lower legs in plush blankets fresh from the dryer. The dralon lining caresses calves in supple luxury, making you eager for a countryside stroll.


Our classic loafers curve gently around your soles, cradling like a warm hug. The flexible rubber soles move with your feet, instilling confidence to stride boldly through a big work presentation.


And the flats - oh my! - cushion every inch in pillowy foam that forms precisely to your foot shape. All-day errands have never been so comfortable yet cute.

7or9 shoes empower women to walk ahead in extraordinary comfort without sacrificing style. They're thoughtfully tailored just for your feet - because sisterhood starts from the sole up!black Mary Jane heels

Join the Sisterhood - Fridays & Friends

Kick Off Your Heels and Get Comfy!

At Fridays & Friends, you can kick off those squeezy heels society expects women to teeter around in! Toss aside the facade of perfection - just get comfy being your authentic, quirky, beautiful self.

Our virtual forums provide a welcoming space to let your true colors shine. Show up fully as YOU and connect sole-to-soul with women worldwide. Leave competition and jealousy outside - here, we chant each other's names like cheerleaders.

Rally Together Every Friday

The Fridays & Friends squad rallies together every Friday to unite our voices, share wisdom, and widen our smiles.

We host live virtual events with raffles, shoutouts, and talks from inspiring guests. Can't join live? Replay the motivating messages anytime on IGTV.

Follow #7or9 on Instagram for a daily pep talk. Together, we'll lift each other up, walk boldly, and leave stagnant old mindsets in the dust!

Nurture Bonds in Real Life

When you're ready, attend in-person meetups to nurture bonds face-to-face. Check the calendar for yoga, volunteering, 5Ks, and more uplifting activities.

Consider us your personal cheer section, motivating you to put your healthiest, most confident foot forward!

Let's walk ahead together with compassion - and change the world one supportive sole step at a time.

Make Fridays Fabulous with #7or9!

Ready to spark self-love and sisterhood? Slide into #7or9 on Instagram - uplifting vibes await!

7or9's inclusive community shares stories and motivation to start your weekend right. Join in by introducing yourself and engaging - unity begins with you!

Every Friday, we host virtual workshops and activities with prizes and uplifting guests. Attend IRL meetups for extra fun!

Before you know it, Fridays will be your fave day, thanks to our global support squad. You'll walk boldly ahead with women worldwide behind you.

Make the first step by following #7or9 today. Together, we'll lift each other up in comfy 7or9 shoes!

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