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There is a NEW shoe brand that has entered the fashion scene! The brand 7or9 was founded by Chinese designers Deng Juan and Wang Huan. These women joined forces to create a comfortable HIGH HEEL, because looking good shouldn’t hurt!

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We connected with the women behind new shoe brand, 7or9, a brand that’s patented a technology for a specific kind of airfoam that makes their shoes as comfortable as say – your favorite running shoe. With dozens of options to choose from, from a short heel to a high heel and a versatility through accessories – this is our pick for a shoe brand on the rise.

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A blend of functionality, technology, and style lives in the innovative designs of 7or9, a women-owned footwear label founded by Chinese designers Deng Juan and Wang Huan. The entrepreneurs’ love for heels and comfort, led to the innovative designs of a pair of heels that put the wearer’s wellbeing first without losing the chicness of the footwear.

Inspired by sneakers, Juan and Huan, imp