About Us

Name Your Style, and Mark Your Road.

7or9 was started in 2018 by two female friends with the goal of providing modern ladies with the most comfortable and beautiful heels possible.

We focus on the research and development of comfort technology, rather than chasing styles and trends. We apply the technology of sneakers, underwear, and even medical beauty to the design and production of high heels. Every year, we release a new version of comfort. We make the classic models of heels to achieve the ultimate comfort,to find the balance of comfort and beauty.

Air-touch Foam

A blend of functionality, technology and fashion.

7or9 thoughtfully used Air-touch Foam in each shoe. The design was inspired by sneakers, which makes a significant difference.
All-round coverage for all foot shapes, reducing toe and heel rubs.

Sofas One-strap Sandals

On the sofa, resting your feet.

2021 Pre-spring, 7or9 creatively fill air-touch foam into shoe insoles, stretching, resilient and plump, it feels like stepping barefoot into a soft sofa.

Self Heated Series

Boots lining was built by Warmtech technology.

Authorities have evaluated and confirmed that the product meets the'self-heating' criteria using far-infrared technology.

Our boots are also more environmentally friendly and lighter than standard boot linings, making them ideal for a wider range of seasons and temperatures.

Accessories for DIY

We created a number of detachable accessories, such as buckles, laces, back clips, and ankle chains, that may be used on the toe, back ankle, and other parts of the foot.

These accessories can be used to fulfill a variety of clothing needs and positions, and they also allow you to experiment with a pair of basic shoes.

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