Wearing a comfortable pair of shoes is a unique experience that can only be fully understood once you actually put them on. It's not just about softness, but also the support it provides, much like a good mattress. Wrapping your feet in a soft, snug embrace gives you a sense of security, almost like being swaddled as a baby. This feeling of relaxation is further enhanced by the freedom and natural stretch it allows when you walk.

1st layer: shock-absorbing latex 

2nd layer: T80 high resilience foam 

3rd layer: mixed sheepskin skin-friendly lining

Not a traditional Strobel, but integrated sole and upper molding.

7or9 creatively building comfort technology into a flat shoe. In addition to the patented air-touch foam technology, the integrated sole and upper molding tech provides a gentle 360° hug for the feet. The dual support of pressure-relieving latex and shock-absorbing cushion is like a soft and rebounding mattress under the feet, naturally stretching them out as if lying on a mattress.


Premium quality leather and designed with exquisite attention to detail.

Top choice for those who value both comfort and style.