High heels are sexy. That’s a universal truth. High heels will hurt women’s feet.That’s a universal truth,too. 7or9 is disproving that statement.

When you first hear the name 7or9, many people may find it puzzling and wonder about the special meaning of these two numbers. In fact, the name comes from the two choices of heel height - 7cm or 9cm, 7cm for loving yourself more and 9cm for loving the world more.

Air-Touch Foam Pumps - Abies

In order to produce an absolutely comfortable heel,our heels has undergone a 15-month adjustment,the shoe last was modified 46 times and tried on by 150 girls before it was released.

 Air-touch Foam 4.0

7or9 R&D Team The unique high elasticity air-touch foam of sports shoes is embedded into the toe of high heels, such technology has never been attempted in the footwear industry and has been granted a national utility model patent.

Not only that, but 7or9 also uses an 'extreme' method to determine whether the heel is comfortable enough- each pair of heels is available in a unique size 42 and can only be defined as comfortable if the male shoemaker is willing to wear the heel all day. The ultimate comfort has freed the feet of many beauty lovers and given them the courage to run. That's why many girls also refer to the 7or9 as the heels can run.